About Us

Shadow Box Theatre (SBT) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 children's theatre that brings theatre, puppetry, arts workshops and storytelling to children all around New York City. For over five decades, The SBT's multiethnic theatre troupe and their musical multimedia puppet shows have brought love, laughter and affirmation to over two million children. 
The Shadow Box Theatre is recognized as one of New York City's major arts resources and is an award-winning non-profit repertory company dedicated to creativity, diversity and providing children with a positive view of themselves, their world and their future. 
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Our Mission

The Shadow Box Theatre's Mission is to touch the minds and hearts of children through shadow and three-dimensional puppet-based theatre arts. SBT's programs encourage creative exploration, and multicultural sharing, celebrate diversity, teach humanistic values such as how to deal with bullying and respecting individual differences, peaceful solutions, and appreciation of our earth. This is accomplished through an integrated program of performances given in our space and brought to your space, creative theatre arts workshops for children, teachers and parents, and Read-Aloud Picture Books with companion Read-Along/Move-Along audio as well as CDs and DVDs based on our musical puppet productions.

Our History

In the 1960s, Sandra Robbins, a dancer and early-childhood educator, had a dream. She imagined a new kind of musical puppet theatre, an environment that opened the space where children could be creative without limitations, where they learned about peace and tolerance of all cultures through the magic of storytelling and art . . .