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The Earth and Me

"I arranged for my E.S.L. classes to attend 'The Earth & Me' on my birthday. It was the best present I could have gotten. We all had such a glorious experience! The presentation is easily understood without a high degree of facility in English. It is perfect for new language learners. If we only have one trip next year, it will certainly be to the Shadow Box Theatre presentation. May you continue your wonderful shows."
– Teacher, P.S. 233, Brooklyn
"I think your show could inspire children to help the Earth because children would not want to live in a nasty world. I should tell more of my friends this so they would help the world. I enjoyed the show I think it inspired me."
- Student, P.S. 290, Manhattan
"I think your play 'The Earth & Me' was an educational and powerful play. I think this play will inspire kids to keep their world clean and respect it. My favorite part was all the animals together and the music that went along with it. It would be a very big disappointment to me if it stopped playing because I think other kids should share this wonderful experience."
- Student, P.S. 151, Brooklyn
“'The Earth & Me' was beautiful and every single person expressed their delight in seeing it. One woman's children had already seen the show in their schools but were eager to see it again. The music and dancing were superb. Thanks again for being such a culturally rich and conveniently located resource for our agency."
    - Veritas Therapeutic Community, NY
"Children's theater is refreshing because it does not require the standard protocol of erect postures and silence. When something wows the children, they exhale great bursts of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs.' We adults have to stifle our natural reactions. The Brooklyn YWCA turned into an arena of screeches and yelps Wednesday morning as bigger-than-life butterfly and bumble bee puppets swarmed over the stage, in The Shadow Box Theatre's presentation of 'The Earth & Me'."
- Brooklyn Daily Eagle
"The Earth evolved over millions of years, but mankind has needed only a few centuries to pollute it. The Shadow Box Theatre evokes both of these histories in its 50-minute musical ('The Earth and Me'), in which the battle-scarred Earth does some singing of her own and poses environmental solutions a child can embrace."
- The New York Times
"I particularly liked what you called 'magic'  and I think it was a different play ('The Earth and Me') in the way that it wasn’t just wonderful but you can enjoy learning at the same time. I also think that it was about how children can make a difference also not just adults."
- Student, P.S. 290, Manhattan
"We were thrilled with the performance of 'The Earth & Me.' It is so rare to fine theater for children that is intelligent, thought-provoking and fun, while at the same time affordable. Thank you for your dedication to the arts,” 
- Teacher, P.S. 290, Manhattan
“Very special, magical performances...SBT is one of the excursions that is a must at least once a year, if not more."
-Teacher, P.S. 145, Brooklyn
There was a lot of thought that was put into the play,'The Earth & Me'. So when the play was unfortunately over, I put everything in the play together, and I got the message of what the play was trying to say, and it touched my feelings so deeply, it brought tears to my eyes. I loved the play and I hope to see it again soon."
- Student, P.S. 151, Brooklyn