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The African Drum

"My rating on 'African Drum' is Excellent! Outstanding! Superb! Each and every year, my classes absolutely love the show. I, myself, never get tired of it even though I have now seen it many, many times… Keep up the good work! It is learning applications like this that truly makes learning fun!"
 - Teacher, P.S. 225, Queens
""We loved the show! (African Drum) It was fantastic. I love it! Yes I do."
- Student, P.S. 3, Brooklyn
"Because 'The African Drum' included song, dance, music, storytelling, puppets and shadows, it appeals to everyone in the audience... Kudos! 'The African Drum' provided us with a rich springboard for follow-up activities in art, music, storytelling, dance and movement."
- Teacher, P.S. 119, Brooklyn
"The 'African Drum' was fun for all who attended. I particularly like the way the children are encouraged to interact."
 - Teacher, P.S. 315, Brooklyn
I recently accompanied my granddaughter’s class to a Shadow Box performance. We saw and very much enjoyed 'The African Drum.' I purchased the book and tape of How the Turtle Got its Shell. She has spent many happy completely involved hours with it. She wants to share it with everyone. As a retired teacher, I appreciate the excellent quality of the material. Thanks for the pleasure you have provided for a precious little girl and subsequently her grandmother!”
- Grandparent, Queens
“I’ve attended the performance of ‘The African Drum’ twice and have enjoyed it both times! The kids love it and I really get use out of the materials you gave me! I use the book during Black History Month and when I’m doing a unit on folk tales."  - Teacher, P.S. 3, Brooklyn
"The children were very excited about the story (The African Drum). They loved the interaction and went home speaking Swahili!"
- Teacher, P.S. 207, Brooklyn
"I like the part when they were singing 'Abi YoYo.' I loved the part when Kijana’s parents found her and were happy."
-  Student, P.S. 28, The Bronx
"'The African Drum' was not only beautifully and esthetically executed, but foremost, concretely appealed to the children's sensibilities. The cultural significance of both the storyteller and the use of drums for music as well as a source of communication was clearly conveyed. The combination of live actors and actresses communicating through song with shadow puppets in a simulated African environment suspended our belief and transported us to Africa. The total result was enchanting to the children and myself."
- Teacher, P.S. 52, Brooklyn
"There isn't much in Brooklyn that resembles the Serengeti Plains. Except, perhaps, the stage at the YWCA, where the Shadow Box Theatre is celebrating Black History Month with 'The African Drum'. All are shadow puppets, which are so deftly manipulated behind a lighted screen that the colorful animals appear to be frolicking in the grasslands."
- New York Times
"Behind the screen, busy hands artfully maneuvered thin poles to manipulate the jointed figures formed from rainbow-hued pieces of plastic. Before the screen, more than 100 youngsters watched delightedly yesterday as striped zebras, spotted leopards, magnificently garbed African warriors, elephants and engaging birds flitted in silhouette across the illuminated screen...For those who think of puppets either on strings or on the hand like a glove, shadow puppetry is a delightful new find with the charm of an animated cartoon."
- The Washington Post