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It's a special treat for everyone when you get to experience theatre in your own school space. Our two and three person musical Storytelling Shows - Stories that Sing, can now come to your school! The following are a description of the 7 different Story Book Theatre shows in our repertoire, created for small audiences.  
Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin
"The Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin", is the funniest-looking pumpkin in Farmer Joe's pumpkin patch.  The four other pumpkins, AppleBee, and Sweet Heart, Moon Light and Cherry Tart, all tease Lumpy Bumpy telling him that he  will never be a Jack O’Lantern. In the end, the children will clap and sing along with Lumpy when  he becomes the scariest Jack O’Lantern of them all.
Price: $625
Duration: 30-45 min
Big Annie
Tall tale is right! Big Annie is a larger-than-life heroine. She's a Creole flatboat captain who uses her amazing strength, with the help of the children in the audience, to pull a boatload of toys through a terrible storm one Holiday Eve long ago. With her work song "Heave Ho! Pull the boat, Big Annie," the audience will soon be enthusiastically singing along to help Big Annie weather the storm and get the toys to the children!
Price: $625
Duration: 45 min
The Growing Rock
"The Growing Rock", is a Southwest Native American tale that  invokes the magic of the desert and its creatures. Mamma Blue Feather has not yet taught her Baby Bluebirds to fly. Jealous Crow traps them on top of a Growing Rock that grows high to the sky. Mountain Lion, Rabbit and the Buzzard try to help to no avail. Finally the Measuring Worm, who is a powerful Medicine Man, with the help of the children, succeeds in bringing them down.  In the end the babies fly, the children clap, and all is well.
Price: $625 
Duration: 45 min
Little is Big
In this underwater adventure, the little fish Spinny and his many friends find courage and the true meaning of friendship, as they learn how little can be big and how to create a more peaceful world. The performers use colorful fish puppets to spark children's imagination of an enchanted landscape deep beneath the sea. Our storyteller and musician also lead the audience in an inspiring "Sing Out for Peace."
Price: $625 
Duration: 45 min
Tobias Turkey
"Tobias Turkey" is the most determined baby turkey on Farmer Joe’s farm.  In this humorous tale Tobias becomes both the fattest  slowest turkey and the skinniest fastest turkey on Farmer Joe’s farm.  The children at your site will laugh, sing and clap along with the storyteller and the guitarist as they listen to this delightful funny and wise Thanksgiving tale.
Price: $625
Duration: 45 min
How the Turtle Got Its Shell
"How the Turtle Got Its Shell" is an African Folk Tale. 3D puppets, drumming, rhythm, movement, and chanting all help set the scene for this witty and wise traditional tale of the little turtle who outwits the fierce leopard and is rewarded with a shell. In opening of the show the drummer introduces the African instruments and various words from African languages. The energy and spirit of our performers is clearly contagious, and the entire audience is soon singing and clapping along.
Price: $625 
Duration: 45 min
Play It Safe
Chicken Little has just moved to the Big City and thinks the sky is falling! Her wise new friends, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Lucy and the grown-up puppeteers help her learn that the sky is not falling… she just needs to know the rules. The children sing and move along with the performers as they learn to ”Travel With a Buddy" and “Red light, Green Light, Yellow light”. At the end of the show, children will be humming the catchy tunes and remembering how to "Play It Safe". 
Price: $750 
Duration: 45 min

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