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Story Book Theatre: Shows that Sing

“What a wonderful story 'The Growing Rock' is. I couldn’t think of a better way to teach kids about jealousy, sibling rivalry, and the belief that everything has a spirit, a life of its own, even the rocks. To my surprise it also gave such a strong comment on individual and community support and never giving up.” - School Librarian
"Children thoroughly enjoyed the show (Big Annie). It was a great culmination of our folktale unit. We discussed and wrote about this wonderful enrichment activity. "
- Teacher, P.S. 203, Brooklyn
“A wonderful show (Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin)! What a creative way to teach young children about teasing and bullying. My daughter sang your songs all the way home. She wants to name her Halloween pumpkin Lumpy Bumpy"
- Parent
"Your show was amazing. 'Tobias Turkey' was the greatest show I have ever seen."
- Student, P.S. 99, Queens
"My colleagues and I would like to take this opportunity to again thank you for the amazing show (Tobias Turkey) we saw; it was incredibly lively and held the interest of the children throughout the show. Our pupils have multiple disabilities, many of them use wheelchairs. They were escorted to an area where they had a clear view of the stage. All of our pupils participated by clapping and attempting to do the body actions that they were instructed to do. A great time was had by all."
- Teacher, P.S. 396, Brooklyn
"Our students and teachers are still talking about your performance of 'Little Is Big'.  The performers were charming and the story’s message so important. What a wonderful way to teach kids about big ideas." 
- Day Care Center Teacher
“Thank you Shadow Box Theatre. What a delight! Chicken Little, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Lucy sang songs about how to 'Play It Safe' and taught our young children safety rules in ways they will never forget.”
- Day Care Center Teacher 
"Wow! What can I say? This was an amazing performance (Little is Big). I could not have been happier. All of the children enjoyed the performance and there were many adults who enjoyed it just as much, if not more!" 
- Teacher, P.S. 72, Brooklyn
"Outstanding! This performance (Big Annie) fit right into our learning about folktales, fairytales, and fables as a genre. We have been working on this currently, so the timing couldn't have been better!"
- Teacher, P.S. 146, Brooklyn
The children enjoyed this show (Tobias Turkey) very much. If you could have seen their open-mouthed expressions and their eyes glued to the stage, you'd know it was a hit with them." 
   - Teacher, P.S. 222, Brooklyn