Welcome to See-More's Workshop, the merchandise arm of The Shadow Box Theatre.
Named after our signature puppet See-More, the workshop was created in 1992 in response to teachers', parents' and children's requests to bring the stories and songs from Shadow Box Theatre productions into their homes and classrooms. See-More's Workshop has expanded over the years but continues to include the "reading, writing and listening" philosophy of Whole language Education, as well as maintaining the interactive and artistic nature of Shadow Box Theatre.
Our artistic goal at See-More's Workshop has always been to combine the excitement of theatre with the enchantment of reading. We started with Read-Aloud picture books and soon added Move-Along CDs, which incorporate the music and story and also come with teacher guides. Children can listen to the Move-Along audio while following along in at the Read-Aloud books. Now we also have DVD's of our performances so the children can truly feel like they are a part of our interactive audience. 
Our Read-Aloud Books and Move-Along companion CDs with teacher guides are suitable for children of all ages. They can be enjoyed and be a part of your life anywhere! Read the books at home, listen to the Move-Along CD and cast recordings in the car, watch the performance DVDs with the whole family. The materials can also be used  as part of ESL and general curriculum at school. 
Our books and CDs are in libraries and homes all over the country. Feel free to call (212) 724-0677 if you have any questions and to ask for school and large order discounts!