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Our 2021-2022 Season

Pre-recorded programs especially for Virtual Learners and Performance films with optional Live Virtual Warmup, Aftershow Q & A, Aftershow Workshops, and Demos!

The African Drum: Kijana's Tale

a musical Shadow Puppets and People Adventure!


Told with our signature shadow puppetry,  and a full cast of live performers including SBT veterans Musical Director Greg Alexander, Assistant Artistic Director Marcus Turnage, Emelia Asiedu and Andrew Dartey from Ghana in West Africa, and our wonderful African percussionist Chief Neil Clarke!


A story about what happens when Kamalo the father and Kakumba the mother leave their daughter 

Kijana by the water to play and tell stories to her animal friends, while they work in the fields nearby.


A 2010 performance film of this performance is also available. Recommended for PreK to 4th Grade.

The Earth & Me

a dance puppet musical

An inspirational, poetic -- and entertaining -- journey in music, song, puppetry, dance and screen projections that shows children the important role they can play in preserving and protecting the planet.


The play’s message is one of finding ways to live and work together in peace, as the child learns that the delicate balance on Earth is dependent on harmony among human beings.

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